A ticketing system is the most widely used channel of correspondence that hosting providers offer to their clients. It is most often part of the billing account and is the very best way to fix a problem that takes some time to investigate or that needs to be escalated to an administrator. In this way, all comments supplied by either side will be stored in one place in case somebody else needs to work on the given problem and the information already exchanged in the ticket will be available to all parties. The downside of deploying a ticketing system with most web hosting platforms is that it is not included in the web hosting Control Panel, which means that you will have to log in and out of no less than two accounts in order to carry out a specific operation or to reach the company’s tech support staff. If you desire to manage a couple of domains and each one is hosted in a different account, you will have to use even more accounts simultaneously. In addition, it may take substantial time for the hosting provider to reply to your ticket requests.