According to the policy approved by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the contact information a domain is registered with must be valid and up to date at all times. Besides, this information is publicly visible on WHOIS lookup sites and while this may be okay for corporations, it may not be very acceptable for individuals, since anyone can see their names and their personal email and street addresses, all the more so in an age when identity theft is not that infrequent. That is why registrars have introduced a service that hides the details of their customers without altering them. The service is called Whois Privacy Protection. In case it’s enabled, people will view the details of the registrar company, not those of the domain owner, if they make a WHOIS inquiry. The Whois Privacy Protection service is supported by all generic domain name extensions, but it’s still impossible to hide your personal info with certain country-code extensions.